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We specialize in all phases of planning so that difficult decisions do not have to be made at a time of crisis, grief, emotional distress and loss. Our planning center and services offer a platform of comfort and privacy so that important conversations can be shared, questions asked, information gathered and meaningful plans made. Our services generally result in a significant cost savings to our clients.

Since PlanB4 does not involve a contract to purchase a funeral, burial or cremation related goods and/or services, any funeral provider can fulfill your plan at the time of need.

Why work with PlanB4 Consulting? Most everybody understands the need for advance funeral planning, but for a variety of reasons…not everyone is inclined to visit a funeral home to do so. PlanB4 offers an alternative path to begin, and complete, this process.

We focus on your objectives so that we can deliver solutions toward all of your required needs, service options and personal ways to celebrate the life of a loved one that are specific to you.

We are located in Livonia, Michigan and personally serve all surrounding communities in addition to phone consultation throughout Michigan.


Advance Funeral Planning

Advance Funeral Planning
Throughout our lives, we routinely take measures to prepare for what might happen. Though when it comes to the only thing in life that we are certain will happen; so many people fail to planB4.

The loss of a loved one presents so many levels of emotions, each personal and often times different to each family member. It is at this time when a family would prefer to be focusing on their needs, grief, faith and cherished memories that instead; immediate decisions have to be made, documents have to be located, information has to be organized, family travel has to be planned, work schedules need to be adjusted, choices have to be considered and all in a very short time-frame.

Making decisions and planning in advance of a death does not ease the burden of the loss, but it certainly makes all that happens next less complicated. Talking as a family, making educated decisions, considering options, evaluating / comparing associated costs and selecting a funeral home are never easy conversations, but the measure of difficulty increases significantly once the death has occurred.

Planning in advance does not suggest that you have to pay in advance. It simply allows you time to think clearly, organize information and prepare a path to follow. It begins with a conversation, a trusted advisor and the use of planning tools that transition into a planB4.



Medicaid Spend-Down / Asset Allocation

Medicaid Spend-Down / Asset Protection
Properly allocating finances for purposes of funeral / cremation services is an exempt asset, and permissible, before qualifying for Medicaid eligibility.

This is a regulated process that requires expertise in knowing how much money can be funded, for what purposes, necessary documentation and acceptable funding methods & investment companies.

PlanB4 guides you through this process to insure that your needs, or those of someone under your care, are; identified, properly funded, compliant and Irrevocably assigned to the acceptable standards of a funeral provider and Medicaid / Department of Human Services.



Burial / Cremation Options

Burial / Cremation Options
Personalization, Tributes and Options to some degree have now replaced what was once considered traditional. There is no template on funeral or cremation planning, as every family has different needs at a time of loss. It is this dynamic that makes exploring all of your options in advance so vital toward celebrating the life of a loved one in the most meaningful way.

Avoidance can come at a big price, both emotionally and financially.

It is a very fair statement to suggest that today; no two funerals are the same…and that is to be expected…as long as the services provided for your family are well thought out and meet your needs…and not a default as a result of lack of education and proper planning.

PlanB4 are advocates of a simple equation: Education + Evaluation = Meaningful Decisions.

Allow us to address all of your questions and explain all of your options.



Funeral Representative Designation

Funeral Representative Designation
In 2016, the State of Michigan passed The Right of Disposition Law (Public Act 57 of 2016) which grants authority for anyone to designate a; Funeral Representative.

A properly designated Funeral Representative is legally empowered to make all decisions relative to funeral / cremation services on behalf of the person that appointed them. The Funeral Representative’s authority supersedes standard rights of survivorship.

For a variety of reasons, which unfortunately are not realized until it is too late; this designation is an important instrument.

Contact us today to clearly understand the benefits of appointing a Funeral Representative and whether this process is suitable for you. We can assist you in executing this designation in addition to notarizing it.



Pre-Paid Funeral Contracts

Pre-Paid Funeral Contracts
The ability to pay for funeral / cremation services in advance, if properly executed, has significant benefits for the buyer. It is a permissible manner in which to legally divest assets for those seeking public medical assistance (Medicaid / Department of Human Services) due to long term care needs. Just as importantly, this process offers peace of mind, eliminates the burden of a certain future expense and achieves a contractual agreement with the provider to insure the delivery of future products and services to be carried out without any additional significant costs to the surviving family.

It is essential that all pre-paid contracts are not only effective, but also clearly understood by the buyer, their family and the provider.

Inspect what you expect!

PlanB4 does not involve a contract to purchase funeral, burial and/or cremation-related goods and/or services; any funeral provider can fulfill your plan at the time of need. Though in most cases, we will align your funding needs with a suitable funeral provider to maximize a guaranteed price agreement.

We provide our expert services, to assist you in the creation of a properly funded Pre-Paid Funeral Contract that addresses only the goods & services you require and verify that it is funded in accordance with the State of Michigan (Prepaid Funeral and Cemetery Sales Act 255 of 1986 / Amended Public Act 21 of 2004) in addition to Medicaid code.



Existing Plan Review

Existing Plan Review
Contact us if any of these questions have raised concern or questions regarding your plan or that of a loved one. Funeral plans, regardless of whether funded or not, should not be treated any different.

Do not wait until the time of loss to begin truly understanding the details of what was planned for…and perhaps what was not. Will there be additional information or documents needed? Was the arrangement funded? What is the value of the investment? What are your options? Is the funded arrangement Medicaid compliant?

Contact us if any of these questions have raised concerns or questions regarding your plan or that of a loved one. We have a defined process that allows us to provide you with a detailed analysis of your existing arrangements and offer our counsel upon review.



Veteran Benefits

Veteran Benefits
In recognition of the death of an Honorably Discharged Veteran, the U.S. Government extends the following benefits:

United States Flag
Grave Marker / Headstone (at any cemetery)
Presidential Memorial Certificate
Military Honors
Grave Space, Grave Liner, Opening & Closing and Perpetual Care at a National Cemetery for the Veteran and their spouse*
*This cost of this benefit can reflect over thousands of dollars in value.

Although there are declared benefits to honor those who have sacrificed for our country, the manner in which they are applied should require inspection. A conversation in advance of death removes the mystery toward; “what did the Veteran want?” vs. “what would have the Veteran wanted.”

Our services explain all benefits available so that every Veteran is honored in the most meaningful way.



Transferring A Plan / Portability

Transferring A Plan / Portability
Any funeral plan, regardless of whether funded or not, can be transferred to different provider. There is no contractual agreement that stipulates that the creator of the plan must serve the plan. Depending on your needs and the content of the agreement, there are always pros and cons that define suitability.

It matters not the reason, if it is a thought or desire; then a transfer should be pursued. However, such a decision should only be made with educated guidance, qualified options and total understanding with respect to what may be at risk vs. what may be gained.

Independent advisement is critical in converting an existing funded funeral plan from one provider to another. A pre-paid funeral contract is constructed with itemized costs that reflect goods & services to be provided at a future date. Therefore it imperative to assess where the pre-paid funds are invested, the present value and then determine if there are advantages to proceed with the transfer.

All plans are portable. It is not knowing what you don’t know that can make the process complicated, but certainly achievable when you PlanB4.



Selecting A Funeral Home

Selecting A Funeral Home
Whether you are new to an area, are not familiar with the funeral homes in your community or are transferring an existing plan…we can assist you with this important decision.

The selection of a funeral home is generally predicated on three factors: Cost, Location and Suitability (ability to provide the specific services you desire).

Every funeral home is unique in their value proposition, facilities and pricing structure. There can be a difference of over $2,000 in the price of Immediate Cremation from one funeral home to another within the same market area. Therefore it is important to not only evaluate cost, but also their ability to serve your needs in the most professional manner.

We will aid you in providing an evaluation based upon your budget, service needs and location so that an informed choice can be made with confidence.



Funeral Home Systems

Funeral Home Systems
Benefit from PlanB4 Consultants 25 years of experience toward successfully supporting the advance funeral planning, marketing and funding efforts of Michigan Funeral Homes.

Our exclusive funding alliance will allow your funeral home to offer several product solutions to meet the varied needs, and budgets, of your customers. Experience the difference of the lowest multi-pay premiums available, early pay-offs at anytime during the policy life, NO health questions for single-pay coverage, compounded policy growth and outstanding customer service. Since 1993 we have managed preneed marketing strategies to funeral homes throughout Michigan from the most passive approach to custom counselor based programs.

Partner with trusted advisors who truly understand the landscape of funeral service in Michigan and the value of advance funeral planning to your funeral home & to your community.

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